About Us

Dear Guest,

In the beginning, it was no easy task in researching the market and its needs. It has taken some years to build up a rental base of this size and quality, and also to gain the respect and confidence of property owners in Bali. It is now appropriate that we capitalize fully on a potentially large sector of the tourist market, who do in fact, prefer to stay in a more private style of holiday accommodation. We also have an obligation to the owners of our rental properties to maintain a higher level of occupancy.

Ketut Mahendra, the sole Director of Go Bali Villas, has always accepted the challenge of constructive change. Ketut Mahendra and his staff created a service to the tourism market in Bali, “Go Bali Villas”. Go Bali Villas rentals have established a consistency in credibility as holiday clients globally return and pass along to their friends the joys of a holiday stay with “Go Bali Villas”. The diversity of our guests come from all walks of life. From the family circle, the academic & business professional, to the European aristocracy and Entertainment sectors of film and music. The understanding of needs, by Go Bali Villas, has satisfied its’ diverse clientele.

Today, the “Go Bali Villas” concept has expanded and tailored it’s services to a broader and more unique marketplace. Home and land development has become a required service offered, as investors worldwide see the rewards in property development, due to the incredible rate of ascending tourism numbers. The concept of owning your own home or being part of a Residential Destination Resort on the paradise island of Bali has become very attractive.

The future of “Go Bali Villas” relies heavily on the consistent service sector that “understands” in order to drive the market to fulfill people needs.


Go Bali Villas