Living the Good Live in a Balinese Villa

Why Stay in a Villa

Privately owned villas, ranging from glorified bungalows to sprawling palaces, have become a popular alternative to staying in hotels for small groups, large families, or privacy seekers. Every corner of Bali has at least one rental villa available, while the popular tourist areas boast a bewildering variety of styles, configurations, and levels of service.

Most villas in Bali are owned privately as vacation homes, and rented to recoup investment and maintenance costs. Interior and exterior designs often reflect the idiosyncratic tastes of the owners. Staying in the home of a long-standing Bali-phile with a passion for art can be similar to spending a weekend in a museum, while on a nearby property might stand a neo-brutalist fantasy of angular stone and plate glass.

Those seeking luxury and pampering are advised to book a unit in a professionally managed villa complex, where facilities and service levels can surpass that of five-star hotels. Visitors with simpler tastes and limited budgets can search out standalone villas in less-frequented areas, where food service often consists of keys to the kitchen and directions to the market. In between lie an infinite gradation of service styles and amenities. First-time visitors should have a clear idea of their requirements and preferences, and a long list of questions for the rental agent.