Usefull Info

Travel Tips

To entering the beauty of Indonesia please take noted :

  1. Passport should be valid at least 6 months from departure date
  2. Leaving this island for international departure, airport tax at Rp. 150.000/pax and domestic departure at Rp. 30.000
  3. Starting 01 February 2004, the new visa regulation to enter Indonesia will apply as followFree 30 days visa for nationality
    Brunei Darussalam, Chile , Honking SAR, Macau SAR, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

    Visa on arrival for nationality:
    Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada,Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary,New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, south of Africa, South of Korea, Swiss, Taiwan, UAE, United Kingdom, USA

    Visa Fee for this type at:
    US $ 10/person per visit for maximum 05 days stay
    US $ 25/ person per visit for maximum 30 days stay

  4. Not allowed bring along passport out from the hotel except would like to change the travel cherub. Please make a copy of it.
  5. Due the Indonesian bank announcement, we are not excepted the USD with CB code on it and also USD issued in 1996
  6. Ignoring the TIME SHARE team that you might be seeing them on the street, please do not ever give your hotel and room numbers
  7. Do not pay attention what they offers on the beach, do not leave valuable things at the quite beach without attended
  8. Not recommended walk on the beach after dark
  9. Do NOT ever buy and bring DRUGS in Bali