Villa Sankara (5 br) in Canggu




Bali Travel Information
Bali sits eight degrees north of the equator resulting in little temperature variation. The seasons are both wet (December February) and dry (July September), though sunshine rarely escapes any day .

Eight degrees south of the equator, Bali enjoys a warm, tropical climate year-round with the most pleasant weather from June until September when the trade winds blow. It can get quite cool in Balis extensive mountain regions. Humidity is highest between November and March, during the rainy season. Even during the heaviest rains, however, the sun is rarely out of sight for long. The mean temperature is a pleasant 27.2C (81F).

Balinese is a complex language with several levels rooted in social class or caste distinctions. Bahasa Indonesia is also spoken by all Balinese. Developed from old Malay it has become the Indonesian archipelagos unifying national language. English is increasingly spoken in the main tourist centres. Dutch is still understood by the older generation while French, German and Japanese have a smaller following in the tourist trade.


The national currency is the rupiah. The bills are issued between 1000 and 100,000 rupiahs while coinage runs from 100 to 500. US dollars are acceptable in a number of the larger tourist centres. Moneychangers readily change most currencies but not always travellers cheques. Credit cards are accepted by hotels and establishments in larger townships like Kuta, Sanur, Ubud, Nusa and Denpasar.

Immigration Requirements
Visitors from certain countries require a tourist visa in advance, some can obtain these on arrival at any international airport in Indonesia and some visitors do not require a visa at all. Prices also vary. Visas are valid for up to thirty days and are on-extendable. One-week visas are also available. Passports must be valid for at least six months from the arrival date and have at least four full blank pages. Guests are advised to check with their nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate prior to travel or contact our reservations department for more information.

Travel Tips
Electricity is 220-240 volts AC. Balis time zone is plus eight hours GMT. Loose and casual clothing is advisable. In the dry season, April to November, a light sweater may be useful in the evenings, especially in the hill country.



Sankara is a Sanskrit word meaning The beneficent The blissmaker (sam happiness, bliss + kara maker)

Set on 2645m2 of land, Sankara is a luxurious 5 bedrooms villa and was designed to make the most its now scarcely available beautiful beach front location.

Its charm and luxury is bedded in the following elements :
-our beach front property offers spectacular views of the ocean, a small river conveniently acting as boundary and buffer from the beach. Crossing over, another 500m2 of beach land comes with the property. Featuring glistening black sand , the beach is beautiful.

-A magnificent 100m2 black pool (20 x 5 x 1.45m deep), lined with black lava stone,,reflects the ever changing colours of the sky. A 360 deg. Infinity edge pattern at ground level gives a floating impression within the surrounding garden and the front end drops over the lower garden, literally rejoining it with the ocean.

A salt chlorinated water treatment makes the water soft and gentle to skin and eyes, perfect for chidlren.

-Right beside the pool drop sits a comfortable 3m diameter jacuzzi on its private ironwood deck. All fitted with hot water, bubbles and jets, facing the ocean.

-5 bedrooms within 4 spacious suites

2 detached garden suites within their own walled courtyard :
The Raja suite offers an additional bedroom, sharing the large bathroom with garden, convenient for families

2 ocean view suites located on the first floor with large balconies
The Timur (east) and Barat (West) suites both offer large balconies facing the ocean and large bathroom on balconies also offering indoor and outdoor spaces

All 4 bathrooms are very different and were all designed to provide a large and sensual space, privacy and intimacy within a lush tropical setting. Indoor and outdoor spaces are offered with modern amenities, fans and air conditioning so that it is comfortable at all times. Very spacious dressing rooms .

-The center part of the property features a large inner garden, between the 2 detached garden suites and the main building, almost like a green courtyard, allowing for a calmer ambiance, for an afternoon tea and ideal for children to play.

-A blend of Traditional Balinese architectural and decorative features such as thatched

roofs, Balinese doors and local materials and modern design
– Lush tropical landscape, including its own fruit, vegetable and herb garden
– The tranquillity of Canggu with the proximity of the Seminyak area,15 mn away from the shopping and dining activities. 5min away from the Canggu club.

Above it all, it is about the ocean, exuding a soothing almost magical sense of peace, and providing with a constant source of entertainment in the background with surfers, horseriders or fishermens boats, the overwhelming nature and the variances in colour throughout the day , and last but not least the people of Bali and their culture.



Rates & Dates

Low Season High Season Peak Season
US$ 1350++ US$ 1550++ US$ 1750++

Low Season: From Jan 11 to Feb 6, Feb 18 to Mar 26, Apr 6 to Jun 30, Sept 16 to Dec 19,

High Season: FromFeb 7 to 17 (Chinese New Year), Mar 27 to Apr 5 (Easter Week), Jul 1 to Sept 15

Peak Season: From Dec 20 to Jan 10
Villa rates are quoted in US dollars and subject to 10% government tax and 5.5% service chargeNote: Food & Baverage system
1. Groceries and beverages are charged at cost price plus 20% surcharge
Location & Map
Bali is located at the heart of the Indonesian archipelago. Its north coast faces the Bali Sea while the southern coast is lapped by the Indian Ocean. The island is just two kilometers off the eastern tip of Java.
Bali is one of the most accessible destinations in South-East Asia, with daily flights from most major cities in Asia and Australia. Travelers from the United States or Europe tend to fly via Singapore or Hong Kong. There are also domestic flights from the surrounding islands and ferry connections.

Sankara Location
Canggu is only about a fifteen-minute drive to the picturesque temple of Tanah Lot and the Nirwana golf course on the coast further north. There are currently two ways to access the villa, one is through the main road going to Tanah lot and turning into Jalan pantai Berawa, the other which is the fastest is across the new bridge to Canggu from Batubelig, which is now open to car traffic