Why Book Through a Rental Agent

Why Stay in a Villa

Villa management can be a hit-or-miss affair. Unlike the formal hospitality sector, where facilities and services are graded according to internationally accepted standards, objective information about the relative merits of privately owned villas is not often readily available. A rental agent can prove invaluable, using on-the-ground observation and knowledge of local conditions to assess individual villas. And given the vast range of locations, facilities, and services offered by the hundreds of private villas in Bali, an experienced rental agent can minimize potential disappointment by matching guest requirements with exactly the right property.
Rental agents can also act as impartial intermediaries in case of dispute arising from misunderstandings or events during the course of the stay. It is usually in the best interests of the rental agent to solve disputes amicably, thereby maintaining good relations and ensuring future business opportunities with both guests and owners.
A good rental agent is also a source of indispensable local knowledge, from restaurant recommendations to explanations of Balinese culture and society.